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Round Church Talk: Persons and Naturalism by Dr Jonathan Loose
Price: £2.00
Persons and Naturalism: Are we just matter and does it matter? Thursday 30 April, 5.45 - 7pm Round Church, Bridge Street Please purchase tickets in advance.

Book for Guided Walk
Price: £8.00

Book for Guided Walk (UK student ticket)
Price: £6.00
To qualify for this discount you must be able to produce a valid *UK* university card. | Online ticket for our walks on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays. They cover themes about the history of the city and university including, science, Christianity, the Reformation & the abolition of slavery. If you would like to book more than 5 tickets please email

Entrance for Groups - 10 or more
Price: £1.50
Tour operators and groups can purchase Round Church entry in advance. For groups of 10 of more, adults are charged at a discounted rate of £1.50 each. Please do not purchase discounted tickets if your group contains less that 10 people, as you will still be charged £2.50 per person on arrival at the Round Church.

Round Church 360 Tour by Zumo Media
Price: £6.00
Christian Heritage presents this interactive tour of The Round Church. As you explore the church, discover its long history and share or remember its unique architecture.

The Rescue Mission: The Bible as a Gripping, Thrilling, Emotional Page-turner by Pete Atkinson
Price: £7.00
Recommended Retail Price: £8.99
(You save 22%)
'A fascinating and enthralling read' - Dr. Richard Winter, Professor of Practical Theology at Covenant Theological Seminary. (

Travel Through Cambridge by David Berkley
Price: £12.50

Apologetics for Leadership 2008 by David Robertson
Price: £6.00
The title of this course was 'Apologetic Evangelism for Churches'. This course looks at how apologetic evangelism is something that can be done by and through local churches. The course examines the apologetics of science/history/the arts/religion/politics and literature. A major theme throughout is 'joining the dots' - showing how every thing links and especially the practical application.

Apologetics Talks Compilation by Edgar, Macaulay, Cooper, Woodward, Bradshaw
Price: £8.00
Fifteen talks taken from the Cambridge Summer School of Apologetics in 2004, 2005 and 2006. The speakers are William Edgar, Ranald Macaulay, Ian Cooper, Tom Woodward, Wayde Bradshaw, Dr Ard Louis, Dr Peter Williams and Jock McGregor.

Bioethics Day Conference 2005 by Nigel Cameron/Christopher Hook
Price: £2.50
Jointly sponsored by Chrisitan Heritage and Christian Medical Fellowship, this day conference focused on the ethical challenges presented by the cutting-edge biotechnologies of human cloning and biomedical nanotechnology. The four recorded talks given are of Dr. Nigel Cameron and Dr. Christopher Hook.

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