Through the 'Round Church Talks' we aim to provide a setting in which sceptics, agnostics, and believers can examine and explore Christian belief, its implications and its alternatives in the 21st century. Our goal is to give people the chance to reflect on the ‘big picture’ questions of life in a context which allows for robust, honest, critical and courteous discussion.

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Celebrating Francis Schaeffer: 30 years
Thursday 15 May, 5.45 - 9.00pm

5.45 - 7pm: The Real Schaeffer - Audio recording available here
Andrew Fellows, Director of the English L'Abri Fellowship and Ranald Macaulay, Schaeffer's son-in-law and founder of Christian Heritage

7.30 - 9pm: Schaeffer's 'True Truth' - Audio recording available here
Dr Os Guinness, prolific author and social critic

The 15th May was the 30th anniversary of Francis Schaeffer’s death. To many he was unquestionably one of the twentieth century’s most outstanding evangelical leaders. His influence throughout the church was vast. Had he not ‘buried’ himself in a small mountain village in Switzerland to start a little-known work called L’Abri Fellowship, committed to prayer rather than ‘advertising’, perhaps more would know his name. Was he a prophet? Did his extraordinary authority arise from a quite unique biblical analysis of our culture? Were his warnings and pleas not exactly what were needed?  But was he - for that very reason - not also an uncomfortable prophet? Did his critiques of Evangelicalism not cut too close to the bone? Join us to find out more.


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