Through the 'Round Church Talks' we aim to provide a setting in which sceptics, agnostics, and believers can examine and explore Christian belief, its implications and its alternatives in the 21st century. Our goal is to give people the chance to reflect on the ‘big picture’ questions of life in a context which allows for robust, honest, critical and courteous discussion.

The Spring 2015 Programme will be added soon.

Autumn 2014 

Identity and Morality in Christopher Nolan's Films
Tony Watkins, Thursday 20 November, 5.45 - 7.00pm

The Batman Trilogy, Memento, The Prestige, Insomnia, Inception and now Interstellar... With a fondness for non-linear narratives, Christopher Nolan's films raise interesting epistemological questions. Film critic Tony Watkins examined these questions, focussing on two key themes in his work: identity and moral ambiguity. Tony is a speaker, writer, and media analyst, exploring the interface between Christian faith and contemporary culture, especially in relation to film.

Me, My 'Selfie' and I

Andrew Fellows, Thursday 16 October, 5.45 - 7.00pm

Humans have always acted out of self-interest. However, in the modern period this has shifted to Narcissism. The modern person tends to use reality as a mirror with everything reflected back to the self. But will this lead to a 'sickness unto death' like Narcissus in the ancient Greek myth?  

Andrew Fellows is Director of the English L'Abri Fellowship

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Three Theories of Everything

Ellis Potter, Thursday 23 October, 7.30 - 9.00pm

What is reality? What is the meaning of human life? Why do we suffer? Ellis Potter will explore three major worldviews that propose radically different answers to these eternal questions. After Ellis' talk there will be a short response from Rachael Harris, Chaplain of the Cambridge University Buddhist Society.

This event is part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas and is hosted in collaboration with the Jubilee Centre. Ellis Potter is a former Buddhist monk, now a minister, counsellor and teacher, who has lectured on all five continents. He is the author of 'Three Theories of Everything' (Destinee, 2012).

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