Through the 'Round Church Talks' we aim to provide a setting in which sceptics, agnostics, and believers can examine and explore Christian belief, its implications and its alternatives in the 21st century. Our goal is to give people the chance to reflect on the ‘big picture’ questions of life in a context which allows for robust, honest, critical and courteous discussion.

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Spring 2015

'The Search for Knowledge: Is There a Destination Or Only a Journey?'
Dr Greg Jesson, Thursday 22 January, 5.45 - 7.00pm

Throughout popular culture and the academic world, the possibility of knowledge that is actually true is considered to be a joke. This line of thinking will be challenged and it will be argued that we have far more knowledge about ultimate issues than we often realise.

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'The Problem of Love: It's More Serious than the Problem of Lust'

Dr Greg Jesson, Thursday 29 January, 5.45 - 7.00pm
Greg Jesson (PhD) will argue that genuine love can teach us more about objective reality than anything else.

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As an undergraduate, Greg Jesson wrote Francis Schaeffer a thirty-page letter of questions and was invited to study at L’Abri, Switzerland. He then finished his undergraduate degree in philosophy at UCLA, an MA in philosophy at the University of Southern California under Dallas Willard, and his PhD in philosophy from the University. Greg has taught at many universities and lectured widely in Europe on philosophy, religion, and culture. Currently, he is a professor of Philosophy at Luther College, US.

Asena: Still Breaking The Chains

Thursday 19 February, 7.30 - 9pm

Asena: Still Breaking The Chains is a one woman drama against sex trafficking in the UK. Genevieve Cleghorn returns to her acclaimed role, written and directed by Stephen Loveless.

Asena is a young Albanian woman locked in a dismal room with nothing but a single bed and chair. While her brothel minder goes home for his dinner and leaves her free of clients she has a precious moment to reflect on the last six stolen years and release her anguish to the four walls.

The global anti-trafficking movement, Stop The Traffik, describes the production as “a relentless emotive and affecting portrayal of a trafficking scenario. The horror of it must motivate us to do something about this global issue, which could be happening within our own communities”.

Following the 45 minute performance, there will be an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the issues raised.

Tickets are £5 and will be strictly limited. PLEASE NOTE: ADULT CONTENT. 
We anticipate selling out so recommend that you purchase your tickets as early as possible. 

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