Christian Heritage seeks to commend the truth of Christianity to a sceptical world. We aim to promote appreciation for the influence of Christianity on Western civilisation and to inspire and equip Christians to demonstrate the reasonableness and transforming power of their faith.

For a full overview of our work, please see our brochure. In summary, our activities can be grouped under three categories:

Recovering the past

We run the historic Round Church Visitor Centre, which 
is open six and a half days a week. It includes an exhibition and a short film that explain the positive impact of Christianity on British culture.
We offer regular guided walks around Cambridge. Led by our experienced guides, visitors discover the hidden lanes of the historic city centre, along with the courtyards and chapels of the Colleges.

Challenging the present

We run a programme of Round Church Talks for the Cambridge community that engage with ‘big picture’ questions and ideas. Many of these are available to download.

We organise 'Tour and Talk' combinations which often include one of our ‘Rekindling the Vision’ seminars.

We produce resources for primary school children through the Footprints of Faith project.

We regularly host informal discussion groups for Cambridge residents and the student community.

Shaping the future

We train and equip believers from around the world at out annual week-long summer schools, which feature world-class speakers such as Walter Kaiser, Don Carson and Wayne Grudem.

We offer a year-long apprenticeship that trains graduates to communicate and defend the gospel in our secular culture.

We are committed to developing a programme of work with postgraduate students, which began with our collaboration on the Cambridge Scholars Network.

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Registered Charity No. 1076750


‘I do not think that any other city in the world provides as much opportunity for bearing witness to the gospel of Jesus as Cambridge.’

Professor Wayne Grudem,
Pheonix Seminary, Arizona, USA

‘Initiatives like these enable the voice of Christian realism and sanity to be heard agai
 undiluted and unashamed  
in the public forum.’

David Jackman, Founder of
Proclamation Trust, London

‘I thoroughly recommend Christian Heritage
to all serious minded believers who are
keen to reveal the Lordship of Christ to
our dying culture.’

Richard Cunningham, Director of UCCF