Our History

Christian Heritage began with our founder, Ranald Macaulay.

Ranald and his wife Susan were strongly connected to the L’Abri movement, which was founded by Francis and Edith Schaeffer. They 
spent many years working at the English L’Abri in Hampshire. In 1996 they decided to continue their ministry elsewhere, and moved to Cambridge.
Back in 1994, the congregation of the ancient Round Church in Cambridge had grown too large for the building and moved to the nearby St Andrew the Great church. For a short time the Church became a Brass Rubbing Centre, and when Ranald arrived in Cambridge he began to run guided city walks that departed from outside its doors.

In 1998, the Round Church became vacant again. This time, Ranald founded a charitable organisation that could take care of the building. And so, in 2001, Christian Heritage was born.
Since then, the Round Church Visitor Centre has welcomed around a quarter of a million visitors. The guided walks continue to thrive. Christian Heritage now hosts a range of other activities including talks and events for the local community, summer courses for Christians and a year-long apprenticeship for graduates.

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Ranald for history

'If you're visiting the UK,
we'd love to welcome you!'

Ranald Macaulay, Founder